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The Secret of the Painted 
$15.00 + shipping

After Wyoming author Dodge Graham buys a painting at an estate sale, he notices an uncanny resemblance between the painted pony and an actual horse belonging to his sister-in-law Jan. Dodge becomes obsessed with learning its secret and begins an investigation that distracts him from his work and ultimately tests his fidelity to his beautiful wife Laurel.
Lion on a Leash

$10.00 + shipping

   This is the true story of my first chow chow. His name was Chu Chu. The book covers a ten year period of my life that I spent in the company of this remarkable animal. I wrote the book so that others might gain a better understanding of this special breed. 
   Learn what it is lke to be unconditionally loved by an animal that most poeple feared.
   As you turn the last page you should have a tear in your eye, a smile on your face and a dog in your arms.